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Ning Lu, Sr. Consultant

Dr. Lu holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from Rice University. He is former director of algorithmic research at Samsung and Intel. A leading expert in video streaming, computer vision, and emerging IoT imaging systems, he holds over 30 US patents. Dr. Lu is the author of Fractal Imaging.

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Teri Li,

Director of Recruiting

Teri is an HR polymath who works in the industry for 10 years. She holds M.S. in HR Management from Queen Mary, University of London. HR Programs' leader with Dell U.S, Mitsubishi U.K, and Uniqlo U.K.  

Vivien Cao,

Founder & CEO

Vivien holds the B.S from Brigham Young University. Most recently she served as Head of Talent at Tencent America where she successfully managed talent programs and sales accounts with Google, Facebook, Symantec, and other Fortune 100 companies. Previously she was head of HR and Operations at Autel Robotics and Founder and CEO of Vision Overseas. Vivien is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and cultural ambassador of human behavior.

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Yande Liu, Consultant

Henry Ran, Sr. Consultant

Dr. Ran earned his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, and was research engineer at its Aerospace Systems Design Lab (ASDL) where he specialized in multidisciplinary design and optimization, applied aerodynamics, applied structural dynamics, and high performance parallel computation and programming. Dr. Ran has mentored countless students and provided strategic career advice.

Yande is an aerospace engineer who works in the field of robotics. He holds the master’s degree from Penn State University and is the model of an engineer who moved from academia to traditional industry and then into the emerging field of robotics and AI.  He has extensive knowledge in multiple engineering areas and he serves as the jack-of-all-trades of our team. 

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